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Vacature: Clinician/Big Data researcher innovation project on Wearable Sensor of well being

Ben je op zoek naar een promotie of postdoc plek en geïnteresseerd in Big Data en wearable sensors? Binnen de afdelingen Chirurgie en Geriatrie van het Radboudumc, Nijmegen is er een vacature voor een Technisch Geneeskundige binnen het Innovation Project.


Research project

Do you want to have real impact on translating new technology and introducing the combined wearable sensor based monitoring of physiological and subjective well being big data, based on the latest available sensor techniques and innovative analytics? Are you intrigued as we are for the possibility to study human physiology in connection to the science of subjective well being?

Do you have both an excellent background in big data analysis and communications skills that together allow you to collaborate with researchers on sensor techniques and clinicians in geriatrics and surgery?

In this innovation project, granted by the board of directors from the Radboudumc there is room for a highly qualified and enthusiastic individual to carry out this unique innovation /research project.
The candidate selected may be a post-doc or PhD candidate, will be ambitious and passionate to meet this health and well being improvement goals, by working on project deliverables and by application (and additional training) of his/her (research) skills needed. The professional will be appointed at the department of geriatrics, 0,8 or full time for a period of two years.



  • Master’s or PhD degree technical medicine, medicine, biomedical sciences or equivalent studies
  • Experience in and passion for innovation, high competencies in big data analysis and in validity testing in the clinical working place
  • Experience in, and affinity with clinical research with older patients
  • Well-developed social skills and team-spirit: strong ability to connect people
  • Experience in organizing larger projects is a pre
  • Skilled in writing academic English, best in scientific article(s)




Further information on this vacancy can be found in the full job description (see below).
Please apply before March 4, 2016


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